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About Grant

My name is Grant. I am a qualified London Tour Guide. Before I was a tour guide I was a police officer for 30 years in London’s Metropolitan police. I was a member of New Scotland Yard’s world famous murder squad for several years. I research my walks as thoroughly as I would a major police investigation.

Like all London Guides, I am passionate about my City. Whether this be your first trip to London or your 100th With one of my walking tours I aim to provide a new and unforgettable experience. Being an ex-cop I will always have your safety in mind……crossing the road in a foreign country is not as easy as it sounds!

I am a history buff. My favourite period of history is World War II. And being an ex-cop true crime history. Did you know that in World War II London had a serial killer who rivalled Jack the Ripper! Or who did actually say Warts and all?

I offer a wide and diverse range of London walking tours. From Winston Churchill to my small group Harry Potter London locations tour. On one walk I can take you to where Winston Churchill was when war was declared on Germany in 1939. On another walk I can take you to where Harry Potter was told he was going to be a wizard!

My speciality is my London Historic pub walks. I can take you to some of London’s oldest pubs and most haunted pubs. Each pub holds a unique piece of London history. The alleys and streets that connect the pubs have even more stories to tell. My pub walks are the perfect way to celebrate a friend’s birthday or for an office team building day or Christmas party.

The most popular London walking tours are Harry Potter London locations and Jack the Ripper. These are often so popular they become crowded. I therefore provide these tours for families or small groups only (No more than six people) Therefore there is no chance of you being at the back of the crowd struggling to hear what the guide is saying. And with my Jack the Ripper Tour, I put my Murder Squad Detective hat back on and try and solve this 130 year old mystery!

I can also provide a private bespoke London tour. Book from between two to six hours. As your private guide I can take you on a tour of your choice. Whether it be art or architecture, culture, food or drink…... or may be a combination of everything. A perfect way to see London.