Meeting point: Outside Helterskelter Coffee Shop, St John’s Wood Underground Station, Finchley Road, NW8 6DN

It will be 50 years ago this year that Paul McCartney formally announced the Beatles had split up.

This year will also the 40th anniversary of John Lennon’s tragic death. And Ringo has a significant birthday!

In April 1962 whist performing in Hamburg, a little known group received a telegram from their manager Brian Epstein, telling them they had a recording session (and audition) at the Abbey Road Studios in June. From this telegram began the rise of the most popular band in the world!

Whilst Liverpool was their hometown, where they grew up and where they first performed, it is London that holds so much Beatles history.

We start our walk in St John’s Wood. Home to Paul McCartney since 1966. We will visit the world famous crossing at Abbey Road, maybe sign our names on the wall of Abbey Road Studios!

After a short tube journey we will then visit a number of Beatles sites in Marylebone. Where a Hard Days Night was filmed. Where two of the Beatles were married three times. We will hear the story of John’s run in with the law.

We will see the house where Paul lived and woke up one night having dreamt the most covered song in pop history!

We will see the Theatre where ‘Beatles Mania’ was Introduced to the world. We will see where Paul first met his first wife Linda. We will also see the building where the Beatles had their offices and performed the famous roof top gig.

We will finish our walk in Mayfair at the gallery where John met Yoko and a club where he named the Egg man.

Oyster card or day travel card.

  • Duration of walk: 3 1/2 hours
  • Price: Adult (18-64) £20 per person
  • Price: Senior (65-99) £12 per person
  • Price: Youth (15-17) £12 per person
  • Price: Child (8-14) £5 per person
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