Meeting point St Pauls Tube station by Café Nero EC2V 6AA

It’s hard to believe when looking at Central London today, how much damage was suffered during World War II. If we look closely we can still see some of the scars of bomb damage.

On Saturday 7th September 1940 the German High Command changed their tactics of bombing airfields and factories. The target would now be ‘Loge’ the German Codeword for London.

The Luftwaffe would bomb London for 56 out of the next 57 days. By the end of the Blitz a third of the City of London had been destroyed and over 40,000 civilians killed.

In this walk we start at St Pauls Cathedral and hear of the heroic efforts to save Wren’s masterpiece. We will see where the Second Great Fire of London started. We will then make our way along Fleet Street and visit St Brides ‘The Journalists Church’ that was destroyed in a bombing raid. We will then cross Fleet Street and enter the City of Westminster. We will see the role Tube stations played in the Blitz.

We will then make our way into Trafalgar Square. We will then move to Piccadilly and into the West End. Our tour will conclude at the BBC Broadcasting House where Ed Morrow’s live broadcasts to the United States helped win over US public opinion