Outside Whitechapel Underground station, 277 Whitechapel Road, Shadwell, London E1 1BY. District Hammersmith and City Line

Over 130 years have now passed since the last murder of the serial killer known throughout the world as Jack the Ripper. More books films and theories have been made about the suspect than any other serial killer. The five most likely to have been linked murders are the Canonical five. There brutal murders took place between 31st August 1888 and 9th November 1888. Some right under the noses of the beat police.

Why did no screams alert the police? How could Jack the Ripper almost vanish in to thin air?

And let us not forget the victims. Many with their throats slit from ear to ear, disembowelled and bodies mutilated. A series of unsolved murders that led to a neighbourhood living on edge and even brought strong criticism of the police by Queen Victoria.

In our walk we will visit the murder locations of the ‘canonical five’ victims. We will hear about the lives they lived in one of the most destitute parts of London. You will be led on this tour by a retired New Scotland Yard Detective, who was posted to the murder squad for several years. I will look at a number of recent theories. Was there a Royal connection? Has DNA from the only exhibit recovered from the crime scenes over 130 years ago finally solved the mystery? Or was the murderer a lawyer, a surgeon or a butcher?

This Jack the Ripper walk is slightly different in that I being a retired New Scotland Yard Murder Squad detective will add my own perspective to the investigation. How would a murder investigation today be carried out in the face of a similar series of horrific crimes? Also would a Jack the Ripper in 21st century evade justice today?

  • Duration of walk: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Price: Adult (18-64) £20 per person
  • Price: Youth (15-17) £12 per person
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